About Us

The mission of SPEX Eyewear Inc:

Provide quality eyewear for humans and donate 100% of our profit to humans who help animals.

  • SPEX is a small company (Christy runs the business + Bruce is our lens manufacturer with over 50 years of experience)
  • We LOVE animals 
  • We LOVE people who LOVE animals
  • SPEX stands by everything we sell
  • The happiness of our customers is paramount

SPEX is an online eyewear retailer based in Fresno, CA whose mission is to donate 100% of profit to animal rescue and welfare organizations.

As a volunteer dog walker at our local shelter, I saw firsthand the great need rescue organizations experience. Food, medicine, cleaning supplies, blankets, beds, leashes, enrichment toys, and most of all, human time was often in short supply due to lack of funding.

A found litter of kittens should never face euthanasia due to a lack of space or supplies.

Inspired by the mission and business model of the Newman's Own brand of products, the goal of SPEX is to help people help animals. Data shows* that nearly 70% of Americans live with furry family members; I have five rescues of my own!

SPEX offers a place for any animal lover to buy quality eyewear knowing that their purchase is helping animals in need.

SPEX is the place for pet owners, those with a heart for animals, or people looking for some cute and quality new shades to shop knowing their dollars will do good.

Thank you for supporting SPEX Eyewear Inc! Please tell your friends! 💚



Christy with her husband, Sid, & rescue pup, Freddie

Photo: Fur Real Life Photography

*American Pet Products Association Survey: https://www.americanpetproducts.org/pubs_survey.asp 


 Pets of SPEX



Linus, Poohkins, Freddie, Elbee, Franklin, & Willow (all rescued)