About Us

SPEX Eyewear Inc.
  • Opened our online shop on April 4, 2022
  • Is based in Fresno, California


Glasses for Humans | Profit for Animals


  1. Sell quality eyewear to humans.
  2. Provide an outstanding and personalized customer experience.
  3. Donate 100% of our profits to U.S.-based animal rescues, shelters, and welfare organizations. 
  4. Advance causes related to animal rescue and animal adoption.


SPEX Eyewear Inc. aims to be the place for those with a heart for animals to shop for quality glasses and sunglasses. In 2022, our first year of business, we donated hundreds to animal rescues. In our years to come, we strive to make impactful donations to as many organizations as possible. The kind you make with an oversized check. 


  • Adopt Don’t Shop - We advocate for adoption over buying from a breeder.
  • All are welcome to shop at SPEX. We especially love people who love animals. 

People of SPEX 

Christy is our owner & founder

  • Runs the business 
  • Is a former professor and professional dancer
  • Has five rescue cats (Poohkins, Elbee, Linus, Franklin, and George) and rescue pups Freddie & Abhi.
  • Learn more about Christy
christy with freddie


Bruce is our lens manufacturer

  • Hand crafts every pair of SPEX glasses
  • Has over 50 years of optical experience
  • Willow is his rescue cat & assistant
  • Learn more about Bruce