Frame Size Chart

Size Chart 1: Small to large by first number of Frame Measurement (ex: 52- 16- 145mm)
Size Chart 2: Small to large by Front Measurement (ex: 135mm/5.31 inches)
Size Chart 3: By SPEX Sizes (Narrow, Average, Wide)
✨our size charts are best viewed on a desktop screen✨
SPEX recommends staying within 2 to 3 mm of your current frame size the first two numbers of your frame size. Ex: 52- 16- 145
  • 52 = Lens Width
  • 16 = Bridge Width (DBL)
  • 145 = Temple Length

Lens Height tells you whether progressive lenses will work in the frame. All SPEX accommodate progressive prescriptions.

SPEX divides our frames into three categories: Narrow, Average, & Wide. 
  • Shop Narrow if frames often feel too large for your face
  • Shop Average if frames usually feel just right
  • Shop Wide if frames often feel too small for your face