To Costume, Or Not?

To Costume, Or Not?

Last week, I ran an informal poll on Instagram on pet costumes. 

poll results

I was *really* surprised by the results! 

When posting the poll, I assumed that "absolutely not" would come in last because I've seen SO many cats and dogs dressed up on Instagram & Facebook.

They're always adorable–they're also cute without a costume. I'm definitely not against dressing up your pet as long as:
  • Your pet is safe
  • Your pet is happy 
  • Your pet is comfortable
If you have reservations about whether your pet is any of the above, then don't do it. 

Or, at least, don't do it for long. Take a quick picture (+ a few treats!!), then take the costume off. 

Our pets are awesome enough that they don't need to be anyone or anything else. They're already THE BEST!!!!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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