Ready for a new bestie?

Ready for a new bestie?

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. 

If you haven't heard, shelters across the U.S. are bursting with dogs. The loving, kind people who work tirelessly in our shelters and rescues are exhausted from the arduous physical and emotional toil that helping dogs in need requires. 

Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue recently posted a heart-wrenching message on Facebook about shelters and rescues not being rehoming services. It's worth a read as it's a small glimpse into the daily struggles that rescues and shelters face.


With SO many dogs in need, figuring out how to help may seem overwhelming. 

Here are a few ways that you can help right now:


Reach out to your local shelter or rescue and ask how you can help. Sometimes their websites have pages listing open volunteer positions, so check there, too. Rescues are not only looking for people to do laundry, walk dogs, socialize cats, and clean kennels. They're also often in need of people with photography, social media, and grant writing skills. 


For many, money is tight. In times of financial stress, charitable giving often sees a decline. But, an easy way to give is through Amazon Smile. Select the charity of your choice, like your local rescue, and a percentage of the purchases you would be making anyway go directly to the designated group. 

Chewy has wish lists (Amazon does, too) for those of you who want to donate specific items instead of just giving dollars. 

And, the next time you need glasses [shameless plug], please choose SPEX! We'll donate to the nonprofit rescue of your choice or to the SPEX Friend you designate (giving you 10% off, too!!)


Not ready for a full-time, long-term commitment? Fostering lets you bring a dog or cat(s) into your home for a short period. The rescue usually pays for the supplies so all you need to do is give attention, love, and time. Fostering benefits the animal you bring into your home while also freeing up space for the shelter to rescue more animals. 

Follow & Share

Use your social media accounts for good! Follow your local shelter and share adoptable animals. You never know who may adopt an animal in need after seeing their gorgeous face in your story. 


Ready to add a family member but not sure how? Of course, you could just visit a shelter, but there are a few other ways! 

  • Adoption Events: 
    • Here in Fresno, I often see ads for upcoming adoption events at Petsmart and Petco. Beyond these, be on the lookout for events like Pilates with Pets, Dog Yoga, Brews & Rescues, and other super fun-sounding ways to meet animals who need loving homes. 
  • Petfinder:
    • Websites like Petfinder are super helpful if you're looking for an easy way to filter available animals by sex, size, breed, age, and more. 
  • Social Media:
    • As you scroll, be on the lookout for adoptables shared by your community! 

    Take a moment to stop and listen ... if you feel compelled to help animals in any way I hope this list inspires you. And if it did, let us know by leaving a comment! 

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