How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Glasses

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Glasses

You need glasses.

But where do you start?! There are SO many brands, shops, styles, and more to consider and choose between. 

Fear not - I'm here to help! 

Here's a quick guide to considerations while buying glasses. 

If you'd rather discuss your options, I'm here.


Size - Frame sizes are listed as three (sometimes just the first two) numbers like this: 52- 16- 145. 

The first number is the lens width, the second is the bridge width, and the third is the temple length.

If you already own a pair of glasses, look inside for these three numbers. We have other ways to measure, too! Learn more here.


Shape - Square, rectangle, round, and cat-eye are just the tip of today's incredible variety of frame shapes. Some say that your face shape determines your frame shape. For example, only people with angular facial features should wear round frames. You should wear the shape you like! One consideration for progressive lens wearers is selecting a frame with a height tall enough for your prescription. At SPEX, every pair is appropriate for progressives!! 

Material - Metal, acetate, or mixed? Nose pads or not? It's totally up to you!



This is where your prescription helps a lot! It's your guide to buying the perfect lenses. 

Single Vision or Progressive - We can help you determine this if you don't know. Single Vision corrects near OR far vision, and Progressive corrects near AND far.

CR-39 or High-Index - If your prescription is below +/- 2.50, CR-39 lenses are your choice. For those beyond +/- 2.50, our 1.67 High-Index material creates thinner and lighter lenses.

Add-Ons - Transitions Photochromic automatically darkens when exposed to UV light. Blue light-blocking lenses block the harmful blue light emitted from computers, televisions, phones, and more.

If this feels like a lot, just reach out. I'll walk you through the entire process, and you'll have a new pair of SPEX in no time! 

Thank you for reading,




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