How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

First, thank you so much for reading this. 

You are obviously interested in something related to SPEX.

Be it the glasses, the donations, the tote bags, or you're a friend, you are actively giving some of your precious time to SPEX by reading this blog. 

So, again, thank you. 

If you haven't yet heard, SPEX was featured on ABC30 in Fresno this week! I am so thankful that reporter Vanessa Vasconcelos LOVES dogs and took an interest in SPEX!

As of my writing this blog, the broadcast video I posted on the SPEX Instagram page has 752 views. Yay!! 

We're growing, and I'm so excited that more people are hearing about SPEX!!! We now have 232 Instagram followers, 106 email subscribers, and 138 page likes on Facebook

Have you heard about SPEX

Over the past few weeks, I've had quite a few people ask how they can help SPEX, which is so great! Most people I've spoken to think that we've got a great idea & product, and they want to help us grow. So, here are a few ways to help us or any small business you love! 

1. Share a blog post

There's a little share button at the top of this post. Use that to share with your friends, co-workers, bowling league, or anyone else! 

2. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, then share us in your story or as a post

Often, people are more likely to become engaged with a brand if they hear about it from a friend. Share something like, "I follow this cool new eyewear company that donates to animal rescue - check them out!" 

3. Comment and like our social media posts

This increases our engagement numbers which will help more people see our posts. Just drop an emoji or something fun or clever in the comments! 

4. Tell your friends

The next time you hear someone say, "I need new glasses," or "Gosh, I wish I knew of an eyewear shop that gives back," please tell that person about us! Ok, this might seem awfully specific, but it might happen! 

5. Buy something

Yup.😎 The next time you need glasses and/or sunglasses, please consider us. Then, each time you get a compliment on how AMAZING your new frames (and tote bag?!) look on you, you can tell each of those many, many people where you purchased & which rescue benefitted from your purchase. 

Again, thank you for reading this and for anything you've already done to help SPEX grow. 

We appreciate you!!

thank you

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