Guest Bloggers Frankie & Freddie

Guest Bloggers Frankie & Freddie

Freddie: We're back!!!

Frankie: And super excited to introduce you to not one,

Freddie: not two, 

Frankie & Freddie: but THREE pawesome friends!!

Beau, Arrow, & Tula live with our mom's dear friend, (they've known each other since college!) Carolyn! 

Beau and Arrow 
Beau & Arrow 

Let's get to know these three beauties!!

1. What are your names? 

  • BEAU (the orange tabby)
  • ARROW (the brown tabby)
  • TULA (the black lab/pit bull mix)

2. From what rescue/shelter were you adopted? 

3. Can you share some of your adoption story with us? We want to know how your family knew you were 'the one' and any standout moments from the adoption process.  

  • BEAU: "My family came to visit my brother Arrow because of his extra cute face but noticed how much fun we had together and decided they wanted both of us.  Good thing too, because I'm the 'easy' one!"
  • ARROW: "Yeah, Beau just uses me for my good looks but really I can't imagine life without him.  He's my best buddy!"
  • TULA: "Beau is also MY best buddy!!! But I didn't know him all my life like you did Arrow.  The family drove 2 1/2 hours to meet me because I was the only one who met all of the requirements that mom put down in order for dad to have a dog. Yep, I'm a unique snowflake and they found me and took me home."

4. What's your favorite snack? 

  • BEAU: "Freeze dried chicken chunks."
  • ARROW: "I don't snack.  I have a sensitive tummy."
  • TULA: "Apple cores!"

5. Where's your favorite spot to nap? 

  • BEAU: "On mom and dad's bed.  It's my throne."
  • ARROW: "In the winter I like my felted cave.  In the summer I like the basement couch."
  • TULA: "The couches.  Specifically any spot someone has just vacated."


6. Which of your toys is your favorite & what game is the most fun?

  • BEAU: "The ball in the circle track!  I like to catch it from both sides.  I also love catnip filled mice toys!"
  • ARROW: "Mom's plants.  I like to dig out the dead leaves and then chase them around the wood floors."
  • TULA: "Ropes!  I love to play tug-o-war!!!" 

7. Do you have any little quirks or funny things you do? 

  • BEAU: "I need my commands to be heard so I sound like I'm quacking more than meowing."
  • ARROW: "I talk to squirrels.  I can make a sound like a quick, 'cack, cack, cack.' I also like my tummy rubbed more than my back."
  • TULA: "I can carry a tree limb twice my size in my jaws!  I love to prance around the back yard with it balanced between my teeth and then try to swing it around.  Sometimes I even get going in perfect circles!"
8. What/where are two or three other favorite things/places? 
  • BEAU: "Mom and dad's bed... did I mention it's my throne? Also, the top of the cat condo."
  • ARROW: "There's a spot right between mom's plants on a table that has the perfect view of the backyard.  I could stay there for hours watching the birds and other cats on the fences."
  • TULA: "Any place that any member of my family is, is my favorite!  And ropes!  I love to shred ropes into strings of fiber!"


9. Do you have nicknames? If so, do you mind sharing a few?
  • BEAU: "Bo Bo.  I'm so great they must chant my name twice."
  • ARROW: "Sparky or Sparkle Kitty.  Sometimes I act like sparks are coming out of me!"
  • TULA: "Tula Beans or The Beans.  Every dog dad ever had, had the nickname Beans.  It's a long standing tradition."

10. What else do you want our readers to know?

  • BEAU: "I'm glad I chose this family.  They're keepers.  Plus I get to keep an eye on my brother, Arrow."
  • ARROW: "Life is better with Beau in it.  And.... Tula's not so bad either.  My family is so sweet to us."
  • TULA: "I'm so glad I live with Beau!  I know Arrow will be my best buddy soon too.  My forever family is the bestest!"


Freddie: Those three are purr-ific!  

Frankie: Nice, Fred. We hope you enjoyed meeting Beau, Arrow, & Tula!

Freddie: Want to be interviewed by us? Let our mom know!

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