The Basics: Need to Know

The Basics: Need to Know

So you want to buy some SPEX. Yay!! 

Here's your step-by-step guide to getting the purrfect pair. 

Your Prescription

Your eye doctor must provide you with a copy of your prescription, so if you don't have a copy, it's ok to call and ask for one. SPEX requires your prescription to be current, so check the expiration date before ordering. 

SPEX does sell non-prescription options, too! 

PD Number

This is an essential measurement for our lens manufacturer, Bruce. It's one number (measured from pupil to pupil, ex: 61) or two numbers (measured from pupil to nose bridge, ex. 31, 30.) Unlike your prescription, your eye doctor isn't required to provide this measurement. Check to see if it's listed on your prescription, and if not, ask your eye doctor for a measurement. They may send you to the optical department and charge you. If you can't get it, we do have a method.

Selecting a Frame

Already have a frame that fits you well? Grab it and look inside for a number like 51- 17- 140 or just the first two numbers. This is your frame size listed by lens width, bridge width, and temple length. Learn more here. With those numbers, shopping at SPEX is super easy. All frame sizes are listed on each product page, as well as using our Frame Size Charts. We suggest staying within 2-3 mm in either direction for the first two numbers. The last number can vary more.

No numbers, no fear! Measure a frame that fits you well from screw to screw. We list the frame width measurement on each product page in millimeters and inches.

Other things to consider are frame shape, color, and material. Use our Collections to make shopping even easier!

Choosing Lenses

Our standard, high-quality CR-39 lens comes scratch-resistant and with an anti-reflective coating. These are things that cost extra at many other companies. If your prescription exceeds 2.50, we suggest upgrading to our thinner and lighter High-Index option. For more information about our lenses and add-ons, check here.

SPEX Friends

We donate 10% of the total purchase price to people who help animals. When selecting your frame, be sure to choose which animal welfare organization you'd like to support. 

Need More Help?

We're here for you! Send us a message or schedule a chat, and I'll answer your questions. I'll even walk you through the whole process! 

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