Readers vs. Prescription Glasses

Readers vs. Prescription Glasses

There comes a time in one's life when everyday actions become more complex.

  • A simple turn of the head results in pain for days. 
  • Getting out of bed the morning after a couple of cocktails the night before is no longer easy and headache-free. 
  • Reading the menu at that hip, yet the now way-too-dark restaurant is no longer possible without assistance. 
What is happening to meeeeeeee?!?!?!?!

Let's talk about that last bullet point. 

The quick fix is picking up a cheap pair of readers the next time you're at Costco, the drug store, or on Amazon.

While your new glasses may help you order food, they're not designed for everyday wear.

Why? Keep reading.

1. Magnification

Your new reading lenses are really just two small magnifying glasses. And they're both the same power. Your eyes are likely not the same, so wearing lenses that aren't specifically made to correct your vision may result in headaches if you wear the glasses for too long. 

2. Lens Quality

Many reader lenses are made from non-prescription quality materials. Therefore, the visual clarity may reduce as the lenses are scratched and used. How often have you seen someone pull a pair of case-free readers from their shirt pocket or purse? Just think of how scratched up those lenses are from coming in contact with rough shirt fibers, and who knows what in that purse.

3. Avoiding the Doc

An eye exam is more than just seeing if you need prescription glasses. Your eye doctor checks your overall eye health. And, if you do need vision correction, your prescription is just that, yours! Made especially for each eye.

Don't get us wrong; we're not against using reading glasses. We're just all about using the right product for the task. 

At SPEX, we sell prescription quality reading lenses. So, if you're new to the needing glasses game and prefer more time to prepare for prescription glasses, we have you covered. Our reading lenses include:

  • blue light blocking
  • scratch-resistant coating
  • anti-reflective coating

When the time comes to upgrade your lenses, we can do that for you!

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