Let's talk lenses

Let's talk lenses

Frames get all the hype. 

With such a wide variety in shape, color, material, and more, the frame is what people usually notice when you're wearing glasses. Right? 

But, from the wearer's perspective, the lenses are where it's at. 

Bad lenses = Bad day

As a customer told me the other day, she knows it's new lenses time because she keeps wiping them, and they aren't getting any clearer! (FYI - the lenses she's referring to are not from SPEX)

So, let's learn a little about our lenses!

Single Vision & Progressive Prescription Options

We offer CR-39 and High-Index 1.67 lenses—also Polycarbonate by request.

CR-39 benefits:

  • Vastly superior clarity when compared to Polycarbonate (a standard material used by many other online eyewear shops)
  • Absorb light well, which is said to help maintain good eye health

CR-39 considerations:

  • Less impact-resistant than Polycarbonate. If you play sports in your glasses or are incredibly clumsy, let us know that you'd prefer a Polycarbonate lens
  • Heavier and thicker, which is why we suggest that those with a prescription beyond 2.50 choose High-Index lenses

High-Index benefits:

  • Up to 40% thinner than CR-39, which also makes them more lightweight
  • Can lessen distortion, for example, eyes looking more prominent than they are for those looking at you

High-Index considerations:

  • Sometimes, people can feel a little dizzy when first wearing these lenses due to the increased base curve. If this has happened to you before, let us know! 

Hopefully, this helped clear things up!

We aim to make your shopping experience at SPEX comfortable and easy. As always, we're here for you if you have any questions!

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