Know Your Maker

Know Your Maker

Do you know who makes your glasses?

Years ago, I preferred a particular shoe when I danced on pointe. The brand Freed of London made the shoe worn by many of the world's premier ballerinas, and, of course, I wanted to be just like them. But pointe shoe fits vary widely, and they're not inexpensive, so I was concerned about trying a new shoe brand.

Like most, Freed pointe shoes are handmade. Carefully stitched and molded by experts, a dancer could depend on quality and precision craftsmanship. Freed shoes also stand out because the maker stamps each pair with a unique signature marker like a star, anchor, or wine glass. After trying a few makers, I found the wine glass maker created the perfect shoe for my foot.

My feet appreciated the consistency, and the family wallet appreciated the quality. After initially taking a risk in trying a new shoe, I quickly trusted this maker. I loved that I could walk into the dance shop and buy a pair of wine glass Freeds and know they would fit.

Getting back to glasses, who makes yours?

More than likely, your glasses are made in a lab by a person you don't know, and you will never speak to. If you have an issue with your lenses, calling the lens manufacturer is not an option. For some companies, this process doesn't even happen in the U.S.A.

Your lenses are handcrafted at SPEX by our expert licensed optician, Bruce. You can speak with him if there's an issue with your lenses. At SPEX, our goals are twofold: Quality products with outstanding customer service + 100% of profits to animal welfare organizations.

We value you and look forward to helping you find your purrfect pair of SPEX.


Learn more about Bruce, and his assistant Willow here:

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