Guest Bloggers Frankie & Freddie!

Guest Bloggers Frankie & Freddie!


I'm so excited to introduce our guest bloggers for this week. Frankie the cat & Freddie the dog!! If you're a SPEX Subscriber, you already know these two, since you receive a weekly email from them.

If you're not, I suggest you subscribe to our email list so you can get special messages from these two every Friday. 

Before I bring in Frankie & Freddie, I also want to give a special shout-out to Carolyn, the SPEX Subscriber whose idea it was for this guest blog. Thank you!! 

So, without any further ado, I give you Frankie & Freddie. 

Both: Hi Friends!!!! 

Frankie: We're really excited to bring you today's special guest.

Freddie: Yeah! We asked 10 questions to our friend Hope (pictured below on a kayak adventure!!) and we can't wait for you to get to know her! 

Frankie: Hope's mom is a SPEX supporter (see a pic of her in her new lilac Fancy Cat glasses below!!) and she gave us permission to share Hope with all of you because she's super cool! 

Freddie: So, let's get to it! 

1. What is your full name?

Hope Edwards 

    2. From what rescue/shelter were you adopted?

    Knine Rescue in Maryland

      3. Can you share some of your adoption story with us? We want to know how your family knew you were 'the one' and any standout moments from the adoption process.  

      My birth mom was part of a rescue transport that came to Knine Rescue from a West Virginia high kill shelter. Everyone at Knine was shocked and surprised when she showed up extremely pregnant 😬 

      My litter was born two days later at a foster’s home on Inauguration Day. It’s unique to have a warm and loving entry into this world as a rescue pup, but that’s exactly what I got. 

      Once my mom, Tanya (below), saw the video of my litter being delivered (on Facebook) she knew it was time to adopt. And the rest is history 💕

        4. What's your favorite snack?


          5. Where's your favorite spot to nap?

          I love a good sunbeam

            6. Which of your toys is your favorite & what game is the most fun?

            I love my squeaky “chuck it” ball and am always up for a game of fetch or chase. I also love to play “find it” where mom or dad hide the ball and then I get to find it.

              7. Do you have any little quirks or funny things you do?

              I bound and hop like a bunny when I’m super excited… especially when it’s time to play fetch with my favorite ball

                8. What/where are two or three other favorite things/places?

                I love to play with my friends at The Green K9 ( a doggy daycare spot), I also love to be outside with my mom and dad.

                  9. Do you have nicknames? If so, do you mind sharing a few?

                  Hopie… Little Rascal… Hopie Dopie

                    10. What else do you want our readers to know?

                    I am a fun, smart and feisty little 15 pound dynamo. My mom says I must have been a circus dog in a former life because I love to do tricks!

                    I can sit, stay, down, roll over, crawl, play dead, shake a paw and give a high five. We’re still working on “bring me a glass of wine” 😜😉

                      Frankie: We hope you enjoyed meeting Hope!

                      Freddie: That was awesome!!

                      Frankie: We'd like to make this a regular feature so if you'd like to be interviewed by us, let our mom know!

                      Freddie: Until next time, have a great day!!

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