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Brands That Give Back

Eyewear for Humans | Profit for Animals

It's not just our motto, it's also our mission. 

"Cause marketing" has become quite popular. The idea is that a customer will choose to purchase with one brand over another due to its mission or cause.

For example, several years ago, I decided to try Thrive Causemetics makeup because they donated beauty products to women who were experiencing homelessness and were trying to turn their lives around by getting a job. A good lipstick goes a long way in upping one's confidence in an interview! I liked the products, and I still choose to buy from them today.

Mostly, shopping for a cause is a good thing. If you're going to buy something, why not purchase from a company that pledges to give to something you are passionate about? That's one reason why I started SPEX. Knowing that people need glasses, prescription or not, SPEX provides a place for people who love animals to buy their eyewear and know that their purchase helps people help animals.

Sometimes though, companies say they give, but they don't. This may cause people to be wary of purchasing from a business that advertises that they donate to this or that due to a lack of transparency. 

This is when word of mouth is essential.

That's why I'm highlighting a few brands that I've come across that truly give back to animal rescue. (Disclaimer: SPEX, nor I, receive any sort of commission from these brands.)

Brews & Rescues Coffee Co.

Brews & Rescues Coffee Co.

  • At Brews & Rescues Coffee Co. we believe in coffee for a cause. We want to make a difference by donating 10% of our profits to animal shelters and rescues picked by our customers. We support the rescuing and rehabilitation of all animals. We want to help and support non-profit rescues, by advocating that all animals deserve second chances, happiness and to be loved. 

Brews & Rescues Coffee Co. donates 10% of profits to animal rescues and shelters. Based in Columbus, OH, the company is run by a husband and wife team along with their four rescue animals. They ship and have a subscription service so you can have freshly roasted salted caramel flavored coffee or their Wake & Woof Breakfast Roast delivered so you'll never run out! 


the mutt dog shirt

The Mutt Dog

  • The Mutt Dog is a Massachusetts based company that was started to raise money for shelters. 

The Mutt Dog gives 5% of all sales back to animal shelters. They offer super cute shirts, hats, coffee mugs, bags, and more with their logo. Plus, they've teamed up with stellar organizations like The Sato Project and Wings of Rescue to sell gear like this adorable shirt that results in a 100% (!!) donation to shelters. 


zippy paws

Zippy Paws

  • From a dog friendly office to birthday parties for our pups, we don’t just love dogs. We think of them as our family. It’s how we are able to put such care and devotion into the creation of our toys. They’re designed not only with lifestyle in mind, but to be the highest quality and safest on the market. ZippyPaws’ own dogs are our first line of quality assurance. If it’s not good enough for our own, it’s not good enough for yours.

Zippy Paws makes toys, feeders, collars & leashes, and more. They regularly donate products to Los Angeles-area shelters and offer certain toys that result in a $1 donation per purchase to specific shelters. Like this super cute rope tug that benefits Golden Bond Rescue.  

What brands have you come across that truly do good? Let me know in the comments, or send an email!


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