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Transitions™️ DrivewearⓇ

Premium Sun Lenses

Transitions™️ Drivewear® premium sun lenses combine two of the most advanced technologies in eyewear to produce an optimal visual experience.

Transitions® Photochromic Technology responds automatically to U.V. light by selecting the most ideal of three lens colors for the current weather conditions, even darkening the lenses behind glass like a car's windshield.

NuPolar® Polarization significantly reduces blinding glare. With high contrast color enhancing lenses, colors are more easily distinguished. While initially designed with a driver in mind, these exceptional lenses are excellent for anyone seeking a crisper, clearer picture.

100% UV Protection

Available in prescription & non-prescription

Polarized Lenses

Glare-Reducing Sun Lenses

Choose from Grey or Brown, polarization decreases glare from wet roads, water, or other bright surfaces. 

100% UV Protection

Available in prescription & non-prescription

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Gradient Lenses

Fashion Sun Lenses

Smoothly shifting from darker to lighter down the lens, our gradient lenses are for the fashion-forward person. 

85% UV Protection

Available in Grey & Purple | Non-prescription only