Eyeglass lenses at SPEX

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Lens Material

CR-39 or High-Index?

CR-39: High-quality plastic lens included in the price of your frame.

High-Index: A thinner, more lightweight lens, we recommend using high-index lenses in prescriptions beyond +2.50 or -2.50.

Polycarbonate: Only used on request
Purchasing for kids or for use during activities that may damage your lenses like sports? Let us know, as we may suggest using these stronger lenses in your frames.

Prescription Type

Single Vision or Progressive

Single Vision corrects either near or far vision.

Progressive lenses correct both near and far vision.
We do offer flat top bifocals if you prefer this style of lens.


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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Prescription & Non-Prescription

These specialized lenses offer protection from the blue light that is emitted from computers, phones, televisions, and other electronic devices.

Early research suggests that blue light blocking lenses can help decrease eye fatigue, eye dryness, and sleep disturbances.

Transitions™️ Lenses

Grey or Brown

Transitions™️ photochromic lenses darken from clear when exposed to UV light.

100% UV protection