You Name, SPEX Donates

When purchasing with SPEX, you can designate a nonprofit animal rescue or welfare organization as the beneficiary of the donation from your purchase. We encourage you to specify a rescue connected to you, be it the shelter from where you adopted, your local animal rescue, or one you follow on social media recently asking for help.

Don't know who to choose? Feel free to select one from the list below. Or, leave the 'order special instructions' box blank, and the donation from your purchase will go into the SPEX General Donation Fund reserved for smaller rescue organizations. 

Below is a list of organizations our customers have chosen as their donation beneficiaries. We can't wait to see this list grow!!

Eastwood Ranch Foundation Los Angeles, CA
Knine Rescue
Ashton, MD 
Animal Compassion Team Fresno, CA
Animal Friends Alliance Fort Collins, CO