Lenses at SPEX

At SPEX, we use CR-39 lenses as our standard. These high-quality plastic lenses offer superior visual clarity and optics when compared to polycarbonate, which is the standard lens at many other eyeglass companies. 

We fill both Single Vision & Progressive prescriptions in both eyeglasses & sunglasses. Add-ons include Blue Light Blocking & Transitions™️ Photochromic in Grey and Brown.

SPEX also sells non-prescription Blue Light Blocking, Premium Sun, Polarized Sun, and Gradient Sun lenses.

Additionally, SPEX offers reading glasses. Our prescription-quality lenses include Anti-Reflective and Scratch-Resistant Coatings + Blue Light Blocking.   

Our expert optician, Bruce, is just a phone call away. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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Just Because It's Called 'Fetch'

Prescription Lens Material

CR-39 or High-Index?

CR-39: Our standard, high-quality plastic lens.

High-Index: A thinner, more lightweight lens. We recommend using high-index lenses in prescriptions beyond 2.50.

Polycarbonate: Only used on request
Purchasing for kids or for use during activities that may damage your lenses like sports? Let us know, as we may suggest using these stronger lenses in your frames.

Coatings: Our lenses are anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. 

Prescription Type

Single Vision or Progressive

Single Vision corrects either near or far vision.

Progressive lenses correct both near and far vision.

add-ons + sun lenses

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Blue Light Blocking 

Prescription & Non-Prescription as an Eyeglasses add-on

These specialized lenses offer protection from the blue light that is emitted from computers, phones, televisions, and other electronic devices.

Early research suggests that blue light blocking lenses can help decrease eye fatigue, eye dryness, and sleep disturbances.

Transitions™️ Photochromic

Prescription only as add-on to Eyeglasses

Transitions™️ photochromic lenses darken from clear when exposed to UV light.

Available in Grey & Brown

100% UV protection

Transitions™️ DrivewearⓇ

Prescription & Non-Prescription Sun Lenses

Transitions™️ Drivewear® premium sun lenses combine two of the most advanced technologies in eyewear to produce an optimal visual experience.

Transitions® Photochromic Technology responds automatically to U.V. light by selecting the most ideal of three lens colors for the current weather conditions, even darkening the lenses behind glass like a car's windshield.

NuPolar® Polarization significantly reduces blinding glare. With high contrast color enhancing lenses, colors are more easily distinguished.

While initially designed with a driver in mind, these exceptional lenses are excellent for anyone seeking a crisper, clearer picture.

100% UV Protection

Polarized Sun 

Prescription & Non-Prescription Sun Lenses

Polarization decreases glare from wet roads, water, or other bright surfaces.

Provides ultimate eye protection in any condition.

100% UV Protection

Gradient Sun 

Non-Prescription Sun Lenses

Smoothly shifting from darker to lighter down the lens, our gradient lenses are for the fashion-forward person.

We call this our "Brunch Lens" because it's perfect for an outdoor meal, park walking, shopping, and more. Grab a pair of Polarized SPEX for heavier duty protection if you're heading to the beach or the slopes.

Available in Grey & Purple

85% UV Protection