Updated - Why Only 10%?

Updated - Why Only 10%?

I decided the "10% of sales" method was too complicated so ...

100% of profit is donated to our SPEX Friends when you buy using a discount code

Don't worry, you still get 10% off your purchase when you use a code! And, if you wish to donate that 10%, you can do so during the checkout process. 

Questions? Contact me at christy@spexeyewearinc.com


To continue to be as transparent as possible, I've left the original post below. 

Previously published on 9/7/2022

Whenever a new non-profit becomes a SPEX Friend, I'm thrilled. Like, REALLY happy! 



Because purchasing a new pair of glasses using a discount code or link is easy! It's the most straightforward way to ensure your donation goes to your chosen rescue.

Plus, new SPEX Friends means that more people will hear about SPEX. This, hopefully, means more people buying our eyewear resulting in more donations.

Some might call this a 'win-win.'

So how does this work?

Well, SPEX sends a signup link to the non-profit. Once enrolled, the organization receives a discount code and link they then share with their supporters. Both the code and link offer a 10% discount for the customer and an automatic donation of 10% of the purchase price from SPEX.

"Only 10%? But I thought SPEX donated 100%."

We do. But it's complicated. 

complicated path

Right now, we have three frame price categories: $95, $145, and $165. Within those categories are many lens options ranging from non-prescription blue light blocking lenses to a progressive prescription that requires high-index lenses. 

What SPEX can donate from each purchase varies due to material costs and the monthly business expenses. 

So, to make things less complicated, we just say 10% of the purchase price is donated. But, in reality, SPEX contributes much more than that. 

And, since we've only been in business since April, our donation amounts will continue to increase as we build our customer base and pay down the initial costs of opening a business. 

At SPEX, transparency is essential.

We realize you have MANY choices when it comes to buying eyewear. We also know you might be hesitant to purchase from a new company. Especially one that does something crazy like donating profits instead of swimming in them like some business owners. 

mcduck swimming in money

We aim to earn your trust and your business. How can we do this? We think by being as transparent as possible. If you have other ideas, let us know by leaving a comment, or sending an email to christy@spexeyewearinc.com.

Thank you! 🐾💚 

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